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 Acai Machines


Amazon Power Acai Machines

                KARMA - Acai Soft Serve                   
                SP2 - Acai 

Equipment Type

Buy Price*

SP 1 Insulated Bowl with LED lighting

$  2,345

SP 2 Insulated Bowl 

$  3,895

SP 2 Insulated Bowl with LED lighting

$  3,995


$  9,995



A compact counter top machine with large performance.
Capable of one serve every 45 seconds. 
It has a 6.5litre hopper with a 2.3 litre barrel.

SP 1 & SP 2 

A compact, 1 or 2-barrel counter top machine, specifically tailored for Amazon Power with a patented double insulated bowl and illuminated bowl option, making it ideal for dispensing Amazon Power Acai products at your venue.

Click on the link below to watch the SP2 in action



*Buy Price excludes GST & freight