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Polar KRUSH - Frozen Drinks

Polar KRUSH equipment/product packages are exciting and healthy.

Polar KRUSH products are sugar free with 100% natural colours (except blue).  The products are supplied with branded cups, lids and spoon straws.

Polar KRUSH’s new ‘paper spoon straw’ is patent-pending; long lasting and 100% biodegradable. The spoon enables customers to scoop and eat their iced drinks with ease; meanwhile the wide diameter of the straw makes the ice crystals even easier to enjoy. After rigorous testing in frozen drinks the straw stays rigid for up to an hour in duration.  Click on link to watch video https://youtu.be/ToBbBBtMTJE

Polar Krush Paper Spoon Straw

Polar KRUSH machines are economical and efficient with energy saving LED lights, insulated bowls and automatic timers to set defrost times - all of which will save you money. 

Polar KRUSH packages are available with free on loan equipment (subject to volume) or Rental.

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