SPM Drink Systems Australia

A machine that delivers chilled beverages, while providing maximum freedom and flexibility of use.

Big Juice can be placed in the breakfast area, on the terrace, near the swimming pool, in the garden or wherever you wish your customers to enjoy a refreshing drink

Big Juice features a brushed grey body, while the front graphics is illuminated by neon lamps; to enhance safety, the door is equipped with a key lock.

The electronic system controls the product/water ratio and the presence of water.

Big Juice delivers chilled beverages produced by mixing a concentrated base with water and is ideal for medium size accommodation facilities, cafes etc.

The machine delivers two flavours + water and works with bag in box or container (up to 5 litres). 

The post-mix delivery system with automatic rinsing is based on pre-set doses:

• glass-full (standard 200 cc);

• jug-full (standard 1 litre);

• the parameters can be edited through the programming function.

  • AUTOMATIC: the machine is connected to the water supply and the water level doesn’t change; after every delivery it is automatically replenished.
  • MANUAL: the machine is filled manually and the operator needs to restore the water level when the system warns it is too low. Water tank has a 10-litre capacity.

Technical data   BIG JUICE
Flavors  num 2 + H2O

Capacity per flavor (bag in box or container)

1 5
Mixer num 2
Dispensing mode   Glass/Jug
Water tank 1 10
Filling system   Automatic/Manual
Dimensions (WxDxH) cm 36x60x79
Net Weight kg 42
Accessories (not included)   Automatic supply water kit /Trolley
Standard voltage V/Hz 230/50
Absorption watt 380
Pressure bar Min 0.1 - Max 0.6
Refrigerating gas   R134a
Standard colour   Brushed grey
Machines per pallet   8
Pallet dimensions cm 80x10x180
Pallet gross weight kg 360

Functioning by mixing a concentrated base (fruit syrup) with drinkable water to obtain the drink. Always read the User’s Manual.